What is web hosting and domain name ?

Web hosting and domain name are two important concepts in building a website. Here’s a description of both terms:

  1. Web hosting:
    Web hosting, also known as website hosting, is a service that provides storage space on a server to store files, data, and other website-related information. When you create a website, the files of that website need to be stored on a server in order to be accessed and displayed on the internet. Web hosting service providers offer hosting space on their servers and ensure that your website is always operational and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Web hosting services typically provide features such as bandwidth, storage capacity, account management, technical support, and website management tools. There are different types of web hosting services available, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting, depending on your website’s needs and scale.

  1. Domain name:
    A domain name is a unique address on the internet that users enter into their web browsers to access a specific website. A domain name helps users easily remember and find the website they want to visit.

A domain name consists of two main parts: the domain name itself and the domain extension (or domain TLD). For example, in the domain name “wpjoom.com,” “wpjoom” is the domain name, while “.com” is the domain extension. There are many popular domain extensions like “.com,” “.net,” “.org,” “.edu,” “.gov,” “.biz,” and various others, each with its own purpose and regulations.

To own a domain name, you need to register it with an authorized domain registrar. Choosing a suitable domain name that aligns with your purpose and brand is crucial and can impact the development and promotion of your website on the internet.

In summary, web hosting and domain name are two fundamental components in building a successful website. Web hosting provides storage space on a server to host your website, while a domain name is a simple and memorable address that users use to access your website on the internet.

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